Vic Rallo & Tony Verdoni with Tracy Byrnes

Vic Rallo Talks and Tastes with Tracy Byrnes on Wine with Me –

Vic Rallo and Anthony Verdoni “The Wine Professor” make a return appearance on Wine with Me to talk Sicilian wine with host Tracy Byrnes. Byrnes, who’s family is from Sicily, was delighted to be learning more about (and taste, of course) some indigenous Sicilian wines. Watch the clip and read about the wines they tasted [...]

Chef Emanuele at Agli Amici

Filming Season 2 – On the Set with Michelin 2 Star Chef and More Menu Madness

Vic and the crew continue to eat and drink their way through Italy, and they’ve written down what they’ve had to prove it! They also filmed a fantastic segment with Michelin 2 Star Chef Emanuele at Agli Amici. Take a look and enjoy. Just don’t read on an empty stomach! Lunch Friday 7/26 Agli Amici [...]

Moscato Bottle

Moscato D’Asti, DOCG

Asti, DOCG is second only to Chianti among Italy’s classified wines in volume. Moscato is Italy’s oldest documented varietal and may well be the oldest mentioned grape variety in the world. Since the Greek and Roman eras, Moscato has been immensely popular, both as a wine and table grape. The reason is obvious. It’s delicious, [...]



#vic•ing [vick-ing] verb To imitate Vic Rallo by posing with several tomatoes (typically 4) positioned closely under the chin while wearing a Sicilian hat and glasses. Lips should be pursed slightly with eyes wide open.