American Diplomacy and the Israeli War of Independence

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It must be stressed that I do not take lightly my statements. Military conquest does not abolish private rights to property; nor does it entitle the victor to confiscate the homes, property and personal belongings of the noncombatant civilian population. The results – played out against a backdrop of desert wildflowers, sandy beaches,...” Read More If Arabs engage the biblical argument at all, they maintain that since Abraham’s son Ishmael is the forefather of the Arabs, then God’s promise of the land to the children of Abraham includes Arabs as well.

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But the joy of independence was short lived as the Arab states in the neighborhood attacked Israel the next day. This resulted in Israel occupying areas that were not part of the deal agreed upon when erstwhile Palestine was divided. Even today, so many years later, the dispute over land is continuing between Israel and Palestine. However, all efforts are being made internationally, with countries like Egypt and Jordan volunteering to mediate peace talks Marriage and Divorce in the download for free Developing countries spurred on by the high price of oil sought to exploit their own natural resources and borrowed heavily from western banks. The fall in oil prices in the 80s bankrupted these countries who now cannot repay the interest on the loans let alone the loans themselves , cited: The Battle for Jerusalem The Battle for Jerusalem. That country unlawfully possessed a nuclear arsenal, and was therefore the unique source of destabilization in the Middle East, he said Palestine, the rebirth of an read here But besides the point, it doesn’t give Israel any rights to claim a part of land theirs. If you look through history, the Romans have talked about Palestine, and Palestine is even mentioned in the bible, do they not have rights to their own lands Israel's Palestinians: The Conflict Within This is a good one, which we will all recognise of course if I title it the “Gertie Bell Scenario”. There are a few extra dimensions and factors that need to be taken into account though The Religion of Ancient download pdf Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said: “There is no agreement yet with the Israeli side and no middle ground solution.” An Israeli official was reported to have suggested that there may be a hiatus is settlement building in the West Bank, not including East Jerusalem, a little longer than previously offered. “Israel will agree to extend the freeze beyond six months – possibly nine months, but less than a year,” the official said according to the Reuters news agency The Religions of Modern Syria read for free Israel's construction of housing, settlements and roads in the West Bank and Golan has asserted its control over other lands it captured. Today, some 500,000 Jews live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel says its security is paramount in any peace deal. In negotiations over the past two decades, leaders from both sides have expressed a willingness to swap land to achieve piece , cited: The Israelis: Ordinary People read here

Israel is referred to in verse 8 as: "The land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations." (Ezekiel 38:8) For 2,500 years this prophecy has been awaiting the latter-day return of the Jews to the Land before it could be fulfilled Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement read online. The secretary of the Army concluded that the most likely form such assistance would take would be a military mission. The chief of naval operations considered the possibility of providing technical assistance but delayed it until the risk of ensuing conflict had sufficiently abated so as not to implicate the United States in the fighting , source: The Early Monarchy in Israel: The Tenth Century B.C.E. (Biblical Encyclopedia) (Society of Biblical Literature Biblical Encyclopedia) And the people who are effective are not moderate." Full-scale civil war broke out, with the Palestinians joining the Muslim forces, controlling an increasingly lawless West Beirut Bible and Sword: England and read pdf Bible and Sword: England and Palestine. It was the middle of the morning on April 4, 1920, precisely 94 years ago, during the intermediate days of Passover, and the Jews of Jerusalem thought the danger hanging over them had mostly receded In Kindling Flame: the story download pdf download pdf.

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Feith, an attorney in the Washington, DC law firm of Feith & Zell, who served during the Reagan administration as deputy assistant secretary of defense and a Middle East specialist on the White House National Security Council staff. Although this article is part of our Israel Collection, you may have reached here through our Zionism Articles page Egypt, Palestine, and read for free February 1947: British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, recognizing that Britain has lost control of the situation in Palestine, refers the matter to the United Nations , e.g. Soil, forest, and water conservation and reclamation in China, Israel, Africa, and the United States: oral history transcript/ 1967-1968 Volume 1 Dating is taboo and unmarried couples caught together are imprisoned. (OCR, 2/9/02, News 35) .... The Legends Of The Jews:Vol. VII Index The Legends Of The Jews:Vol. VII Index. Order was restored only after Lebanon became essentially a satellite of Syria. Israel continued to maintain a presence in south Lebanon until 2000, when the last Israeli troops were withdrawn by PM Ehud Barak. The Pollard Affair - In November 1985, Jonathan Pollard, a Jewish-American employee of the US Naval Anti-Terrorist Alert Center was arrested for spying for Israel The Israel-Palestine Conflict: download online The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Parallel. About 800 members of the Bnei Menashe have been taken to Israel from northeast India over the last decade by a group called Amishav, Hebrew for "my people returns." According to Amishav, there is ample evidence to show that the Bnei Menashe - comprised mainly of the Mizo, Kuki and Chin ethnic groups - are of Jewish descent The West Bank Story download pdf Sixty-eight percent left without ever seeing an Israeli soldier. 10. The Jewish refugees were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality, persecution and pogroms. 11. The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is estimated to be around 630,000 Aftershock: Anti-Zionism & Anti-Semitism download online. By the time we found bin Laden, al Qaeda’s agenda had come to be seen by the vast majority of the region as a dead end, and the people of the Middle East and North Africa had taken their future into their own hands , cited: The Globalization of Israel: read epub The Globalization of Israel: McWorld in.

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A former Israeli military general, Ariel Sharon, (accompanied by 1000 soldiers) visited a holy Muslim site, called the Temple Mount by the Israelis, and Haram al Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) by the Muslims and proclaimed it as eternal Israeli territory , e.g. A Rookie in a War - 1973 download here A Rookie in a War - 1973. However, Mal 4 and Zech 14 may refer to the actual weapons used, which seem to be modern, and so the combustable element could be unused fuel. The invaders do not appear to reach Jerusalem; rather, they fall on the mountains of Israel and in the open field (Ezek 39.4,5). They appear to be defeated by God's intervention, rather than by the armies of Israel (Ezek 39.3) ref.: The Sirens of Titan (Signed read epub Sadat decided to stay. “Begin, as I said, wanted good relations with the United States, and he wanted Israel to be accepted in the world community by the major Arab nation that had been a threat militarily and politically to Israel above all others The Case for Israel Israel countered with raids, primarily into southern Lebanon. The Lebanese government sought to restrict the activities of the Palestinian guerrillas, which led to sporadic fighting between the Lebanese army and the guerrillas , cited: Our Modern Debt to Israel Our Modern Debt to Israel. Thousands of Palestinians are displaced and absorbed into Jordan. 18,000 Arab soldiers are killed, 250 Egyptian planes and 50 Syrian planes are destroyed. Palestine, june 1967: Israel attacks a USA warship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 sailors Egypt, 1970: Israel carries out air raids along the Nile killing hundreds of Egyptian civilians hoping to incite anti-Nasser uprising, instead triggering a massive rearmament of Egypt by the Soviet Union Jordan, september 1970: PFLP terrorists hijack a TWA jet, a Swissair jet and a Pan Am jet and blow them up in Zarka Jordan, september 1970: After a series of assassination attempts, King Hussein of Jordan, fearing for his own country's stability, orders a massive expulsion of Palestinians that results in ten days of civil war with 200 Syrian tanks invading Jordan and 5,000 deaths ("black september") Palestine, september 1970: the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Yassir Arafat, settles in Beirut, Lebanon Egypt, september 1970: Nasser dies and is buried in one of the largest funerals ever, while his deputy Anwar Sadat becomes the new president of Egypt Jordan, september 1970: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine carries out simultaneous hijackings to Jordan (Dawson's Field) of TWA, Swissair and BOAC planes for a total of over 300 hostages ("Skyjack Sunday"), which are swapped with Leila Khaled, the leader of the PFLP cell captured in Britain Syria, november 1970: Hafez Assad, shiite leader of the military wing of the Baath Party, overthrows the president of Syria Europe, May 1972: Black September hijacks a Belgian airplane and lands it in Israel demanding the release of prisoners, but Israel storms the plane Germany, september 1972: Palestinian terrorists of the Black September faction kill 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, a drama that is televised live worldwide USA, 1972: The CIA hires Bashir Gemayel, the son of the Lebanese politician Pierre Gemayel who is working in Washington Sudan, march 1973: Black September kills three Western diplomats in Sudan, including the USA ambassador to Sudan London, 1973: Venezuelan-born terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez ("Carlos the Jackal"), who studied in Russia and was trained by Haddad, performs spectacular terrorist actions on behalf of Palestinian terrorist groups Saudi Arabia, january 1976: A bomb blows up a Lebanese flight over Saudi Arabia, killing all 82 passengers Palestine, july 1976: Israeli commandos storm an Air France plane hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in Entebbe, killing all the Palestinians and scores of Ugandan soldiers that were protecting them, and freeing 102 hostages Israel, may 1977: Former Irgun terrorist Menachem Begin and the right-wing Likud party win elections, defeating the Labor Party that had ruled Israel since its founding Lebanon, june 1978: Israel invades the southern part of Lebanon to uproot the PLO, killing more than 1,000 civilians, but then withdraws Palestine, september 1978: The Camp David agreement brokered by president Jimmy Carter of the USA prescribes a timetable for solving the Palestinian issue, but Jordan refuses to negotiate on behalf of Arafat and Israel refuses to negotiate directly with a terrorist like Arafat Israel, march 1979: Sadat of Egypt and of Israel sign a peace treaty, Israel returns the Sinai peninsula to Egypt and Egypt enters the orbit of the USA Lebanon, 1979: the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran galvanizes Islamic extremists, especially shiite Arabs Syria, 1980: galvanized by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Muslims riot in Aleppo, Homs and Hama Iraq, june 1981: Israel bombs the Iraqi nuclear reactor built by France, to prevent Iraq from building a nuclear weapon Lebanon, july 1981: Israel bombs multi-story apartment buildings in Beirut to kill Arafat and the PLO leadership, killing 300 civilians Egypt, october 1981: Sadat is assassinated by soldiers led by Khalid al Islambouli, inspired by radical Muslim organization (the Egyptian Islamic Jihad) of Egyptian surgeon Ayman al-Zawahri, and is succeeded by vice-president Hosni Mubarak Lebanon, december 1981: a member of Islamic Dawa Party blows himself up to attack the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, Lebanon (first suicide bomber) Syria, february 1982: Assad orders the bombing of Hama, one of Syria's major cities, for 27 days, killing more than 20,000 people, to stem an uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood Lebanon, june 1982: In retaliation for an assassination attempt by Abu Nidal and Iraqi agents on the Israeli ambassador in Britain, Israel invades Lebanon trapping the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and its leader Yassir Arafat in Beirut (despite the fact that Abu Nidal is not part of the PLO) Lebanon, 1982: Hezbollah (Party of God) is founded by a radical shiite group with the mission of creating an Iranian-style Islamic republic in Lebanon, supported by Iranian revolutionary guards Lebanon, august 1982: Arafat and his forces are allowed to leave Beirut, while the USA promises protection for the Palestinian civilians left in the refugee camps of Lebanon Lebanon, september 1982: Bashir Gemayel is assassinated by Syrian agents, and in retaliation Israeli-backed Christian militiamen of the Phalange under Elie Hobeika with the support of Israeli troops (under the command of Ariel Sharon) massacre 1,000 unarmed Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in west Beirut Lebanon, september 1982: At the battle of Shouf a USA warship rescues Michel Aoun's Lebanese army that is being defeated by a coalition of Walid Jumblatt's Druze militia, Syrian troops, PLO guerrillas and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Lebanon, september 1982: The USA sends marines to restore order in Lebanon, followed by French and Italian troops Lebanon, april 1983: suicide commandos directed by Imad Mughniyeh (Mugniyah) blow up the US embassy, killing 63 people Palestine, july 1983: the Mufti of Jerusalem issues a fatwa to kill Assad in retaliation to his campaign against the Palestine Liberation Organization Templar Knight vs Mamluk download here download here.

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