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Martin’s Griffith, 2012; ISBN 13: 9780312656744; $9.99. Gil Slatter's quick on the draw and has a head for running a ranch, but he's also a lonely man with nothing more than a cot in the bunkhouse at the TXY Ranch to call home. Travel books would be geared toward people planning to travel, possibly with details about restaurants, hotels, local attractions. Alix Kates Shulman’s Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen (1972) features a protagonist who is beautiful and finds suitors easily, but she agonizes constantly that her looks will deteriorate as she moves past the age of twenty-five.

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The Sweetest Thing

Walden and Other Writings

Infatuation: A Christian Real Curvy BBW & Admirer Tale Pt. 2 of 5 (Discount Version) (Infatuation - Pt. 2 of 5)

Submission guidelines: Accepts email and regular mail submissions. Send query letter only; include SASE if querying via regular mail. Notes: Small literary agency founded in 1983 , cited: The Birdwatcher The Birdwatcher. See agent bios page for further information on what each agent represents. Submission guidelines: Most agents accept email queries only , source: Caribbean: A Novel download here Caribbean: A Novel. Everything changes for Zoey Redbird the day a vampyre points her out in the school hallway and tells her she's been chosen. As if being chosen to be a vampyre isn't enough, she has to leave her school, her home (neither is necessarily a bad thing) and her friends and move to the House of Night, a finishing school where she's to learn how to be a vampyre. But even before she arrives she has a vision of the vampyre goddess Nyx, who endows her further, naming Zoey her eyes and ears to help her discover what is wrong with the vampyres of the world online. He often took elements of popular culture and transformed them, skewering baseball in “The Mighty Casey” (1960) and the traditional western in “The Showdown with Rance McGrew” (1962). Although he usually used modern themes and settings, he occasionally drew upon historical events, as in “The Big Tall Wish (1961) and “Ghost Train.” Serling’s prose is transparent and workmanlike, and several of his stories might well have become minor classics even if they had been published in print form initially rather than as adaptations of television scripts epub. JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (1961) is a clever story about a boy, an oversized piece of fruit, and the unusual insects that live inside it, but it was CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (1964, filmed as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971), that would make him famous ANNE OF GREEN GABLES Easton read pdf

When the second man begins to falter, the traveler pauses and says something that convinces him to continue onward, and eventually they reach a house whose single resident is an elderly man who seems to be on the brink of death , cited: The Sun on Fire download here. Works with the Taryn Fagerness Agency for foreign rights , source: Daughters of Liverpool read here And it's sort of an origin story, showing how the idealistic young medical student turned into the unscrupulous experimenter we know and love. * Olympus Has Fallen 2 (Oct. 2) We didn't cover the first Olympus Has Fallen on io9, because it wasn't really science fiction despite its off-the-wall "White House invasion" storyline Treasures on Earth download here However, thrillers can also simply portray riveting psychological tension between two opposing characters. Thrillers and suspense fiction are paired together because thrillers often utilize suspense elements in the development of the story—evil lurking just around the corner that motivates the protagonist to hunt down and capture the villain-at-large , source: Under The House read here

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Another totally subversive science fiction movie from the 1980s, this film picks up Tron’s obsessions with corporate fascism and runs in a different direction, with the evil OCP trying to take over Detroit’s police force and remake the struggling city as Delta City download. Drama is the genre of literature that’s subject for compositions is dramatic art in the way it is represented , cited: The COUNTRY OF THE POINTED FIRS The COUNTRY OF THE POINTED FIRS. As with steampunk, it portrays advanced technology based on pre-modern designs, but rather than the steam power of the Industrial Age, the technology used is based on springs, clockwork and similar Wild Flowers Part One Jasmine: Searching and Finding... (The Lives Trilogy) All submissions are online; there is a small fee to submit , source: The old First Massachusetts download pdf One of the inmates is a troublemaker, possibly insane, violent, and vindictive. Another is an unlikely killer, an insecure, frightened, and otherwise likable character. The third is the focus of the story, an enormous black man who appears to be mildly retarded and who has been convicted of the brutal murder of two young children, even though he is innocent So Far Gone (The Jaxon Grey Chronicles, #1) The most famous of these, “Enoch Soames,” is still one of the oddest and most satisfying stories of its type because the title character sells his soul not for fame or glory or anything grandiose but merely for a glimpse of the future. Enoch Soames is a painfully awkward and unsuccessful writer of poetry and essays who inhabits the fringes of the artistic community during the 1890s My Lady Destiny download online My Lady Destiny. Many of his novels are actually rewritten versions of shorter works, not always with Merritt’s permission, so the text may vary considerable from one edition to the next Are You Sitting Down? download here After encountering a biblical passage that seems relevant, Marchant discovers that to a limited extent he can command the creature, although it will not be driven away. Eventually he hits upon the plan of corrupting a young artist in such fashion that the familiar will seek out the younger man’s greater evil in preference to his own, and after some time it appears that he has succeeded , e.g. Secrets of Foxworth

All the Stars in the Heavens CD: A Novel

A Brighter Dawn



Stone Cold Lover (Gargoyles)

Eye of the Wind

Fault Lines

Harry Potter and (Your) Death (Philosophy)

Nashborough (A Novel)

In search of El Dorado: a wanderer's experiences

Robinson Crusoe (Modern Library Classics)

Bloch did write a few book-length supernatural works. The first of these was Strange Eons (1979). P Lovecraft and other writers who con. tributed to his Cthulhu Mythos, which became an early shared universe, always described efforts to recall the alien beings that once ruled the Earth but never considered the possible consequences of their return to power RESILIENCE: THE QUARTUS FAMILY download pdf download pdf. Some realistic fiction is expected to include violence; in fact, the genre would be failing in its mission if some novels did not mirror the violence that many young people experience. However, violence should be used appropriately and to make a point—never just for sensationalism FAMILY SHENANIGANS The frame story in the opening chapter is extremely 104 Edghill, Rosemary awkward, but Eddison never reverts to it once the real story is underway. Eddison’s other major fantasy work is the Zimiamvia trilogy, actually three related novels that do not share a common story line and can be read in any order despite some consistent internal chronology , source: The Orphan's Dream Scientific details, facts, and rules are either adhered to or broken, but either way, they contribute to the contextual storyline as well as the world created within the novel , e.g. Time for a Change download pdf. Children often feature into gothic fiction and they are usually in danger or in the care of less than capable guardians , source: The Promise download for free The Promise. Fleming is a moderately well-drawn, likeable enough character who becomes a private detective and who, in Lifeblood, has considerable run-ins with vampire hunters who do not know, or care, that he is of the benevolent variety. He solves a murder mystery in Bloodcircle while still trying to track down the female vampire who is responsible for his own condition SWAN SONG - A Modern Comedy #3: (The Forsyte Chronicles #6) Although Margery Sharp wrote primarily mainstream adult fiction prior to 1959, one of those novels was actually her first fantasy, The Stone of Chastity (1940), a marginal piece set in a village where a magical stone that can determine whether women are virginal causes considerable upset when some women object to being subjected to the test , e.g. Past Remembering S., funding cuts have made the future of these venerable and necessary institutions tenuous. So, in an act of literary activism, Smith has turned her magical new collection of short fiction, Public Library and Other Stories, into a celebration of what she calls the “Democracy of reading, democracy of space: our public library tradition.” This is the mystery the two daughters must unravel as... It happens without warning: At a folk-rock show at her son’s college, Lily becomes transfixed by the guitarist’s unassuming onstage presence and beautiful playing—and with his final note, something within her breaks loose. After the concert, Lily returns to her comfortable life—an Upper West Side apartment, a job as a videographer, and a kind if distracted husband—but she can’t stop thinking about the music, or about the duo’s guitarist, JJ The Love of a Lifetime Your donations help keep us up and running! Due to server failure, the website has been down for the past couple of weeks. These technical difficulties have now been resolved and the website is back online. All the sagas are now available for download in the EPUB format, for convenient reading on mobile devices. The Icelandic sagas are prose histories describing events that took place amongst the Norse and Celtic inhabitants of Iceland during the period of the Icelandic Commonwealth in the 10th and 11th centuries AD Daughters of Liverpool

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