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For instance, in his two-volume work Species Plantarum (The Species of Plants), Linnaeus renamed the briar rose Rosa canina. Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, New York, NY. 167 pp. Large groups of G. sanguinolentus swarm to picnics since they are attracted to sweet food, which ruins the picnics. This emergence was no doubt due to the increasing awareness in the 1960s of the effects that technology, industry, economic expansion and population growth were having on the environment.

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The Natural History of Religion

The Animal Kingdom Volume 2

John Kieran's Natural History of New York City: A Personal Report After Fifty Years of Study and Enjoyment of Wildlife Within the Boundaries of Greater New York

Buffon's Natural History: Containing A Theory Of The Earth, A General History Of Man, Of The Brute Creation, And Of Vegetables, Minerals, &c. &c, Volume 4 - Primary Source Edition

In the Polar Regions: Or, Nature and Natural History in the Frozen Zone

The objection is that sustainability as, in part, an economic and scientific notion, should not be fused with evaluative ideals (Beckerman 1994). This objection has not generally been widely taken up ref.: Guide to the Coral Gallery (Protozoa, Porifera or Sponges, Hydrozoa, and Anthozoa), in the Department of Zoology, British Museum (Natural History) Guide to the Coral Gallery (Protozoa,. To learn about other Baylands Nature Preserve improvement projects, including the Baylands Boardwalk, click here , source: Occasional papers of the download online While we come from somewhat divergent disciplinary backgrounds—one of us having studied the environmental humanities, the other having been trained as an evolutionary ecologist—we share interests in natural history and writing The Natural History Of Plants, Volume 7 Suppose putting out natural fires, culling feral animals or destroying some individual members of overpopulated indigenous species is necessary for the protection of the integrity of a certain ecosystem Natural history Wells contends that “Darwin’s theory cannot account for all features of living things,” but then, it doesn’t have to. Today scientists explain features of living things by invoking not only natural selection but also additional biological processes that Darwin didn’t know about, including gene transfer, symbiosis, chromosomal rearrangement, and the action of regulator genes The naturalist's library Volume 5 Continental Shelf: the more or less level sedimentary interval from the shore to the continental slope that leads deeply downward to the ocean floor. Continuum: subtle gradations in plant or animal communities within an ecosystem. Contour Farming: farming perpendicular to the slope of a hill or mountain, instead of straight up or down it, to minimize runoff and erosion Nantucket: A Natural History read online Each of us who has spent time there can conjure images and sensations that seem all the more hauntingly real for having engraved themselves so indelibly on our memories. Such memories may be uniquely our own, but they are also familiar enough be to be instantly recognizable to others , source: The Tahoe Sierra: A natural history guide to 100 hikes in the northern Sierra (Wilderness Press trail guide series) It truly is a gift to me, to share my home with this fine plant. I released the leaf from between thumb and finger, and slid my finger along its edge to the serrated, squared-off tip, and it was as if I was sitting fingertip to fingertip with another person ref.: Miscellaneous publication - download epub download epub.

A gift for historians of science interested in naturalistic discourse, literary readers insistent that figurative language matters, and Europeanists concerned with the origins of modern politics, A Natural History of Revolution is a wonderful lesson in how the social imaginary shapes real politics in every era."—Samuel Moyn, Columbia University, author of The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History "In this illuminating book, which draws on cultural, intellectual, and political history, Mary Ashburn Miller shows how examples from natural history served not only to justify but also to encourage violence during the French Revolution."—Dan Edelstein, Stanford University, author of The Terror of Natural Right: The Cult of Nature, Republicanism, and the French Revolution Subtitle Violence and Nature in the French Revolutionary Imagination, 1789–1794 Such thinkers have claimed that ethics must be extended beyond humanity, and that moral standing should be accorded to the non-human natural world. Some have claimed that this extension should run to sentient animals, others to individual living organisms, and still others to holistic entities such as rivers, species and ecosystems A View of the Ancient and Present State of the Zetland Islands: Including Their Civil, Political, and Natural History; Antiquities; and an Account of ... the State of Society and Manners, Volume 1 A View of the Ancient and Present State.

The Wiltshire archaeological and natural history magazin, Volume 14

Field Book of Natural History (Field Guides)

Without good data on the forest, what makes it healthy or unhealthy, there is no way a sustainable plan can be put into place. An ecologist in this field may work for a university, park service or even a private corporation , source: Exceptional Mountains: A download online Christmas cactus leaves are delicate and can detach so easily, but the cactus reassured me that because I would be feeling it, with it, I would not pull too hard; it would be perfect Quarterly Journal Of Microscopical Science, Volume 20... The Ecology Centre features five wings full of displays about the connections between plants, animals, and people. The District of North Vancouver created the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre to focus attention on our local ecosystems and educate people about local and global environmental concerns. In our plant wing, learn about temperate rainforest plants and food chains Annual Report On The New York download pdf What has survived of the Linnean system is its method of hierarchical classification and custom of binomial nomenclature. For Linnaeus, species of organisms were real entities, which could be grouped into higher categories called genera (singular, genus) Natural History: Its Rise and read online read online. Discover the meaning of ecology terms with! Probe " Deer: Predation and Starvation " in this activity. Identify the members of a " Food Web " and construct another web in this activity. This " Food Webs " activity uses index card and colored markers to construct a Food Web on the chalk or white board. " Food Kerplunk " is a game designed to teach preservation of wildlife in an ecosystem Friends Worth Knowing : Glimpses of American Natural History These include the Presocratics, Giordano Bruno, Baruch Spinoza, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, George Santayana, Alfred North Whitehead, Aldo Leopold, Robinson Jeffers, and Martin Heidegger. Deep ecology draws its scientific inspiration from Paul Shepard's view that ecology is a subversive science-the basis of a social and scientific resistance movement The Tropic of Serpents: A read epub An expanding system, in other words, is an open system, and it remains so until the limits to expansion are reached. A hypothesis of city growth, stated by E. Burgess ([1925] 1961, pp. 37–44), pertains to a special case of the more general principle. According to that proposal, city growth takes the form of expansion from a zone centered on a highly accessible location pdf.

Natural History of New York Volume 4

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The Natural History of Uncas Metcalfe: A Novel

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A Bibliography of Ameriacn Natural History, 3 Vols


Selected Papers From Proceedings Of Elora Natural History Society, 1874-75 (1875)

The Genus Paphiopedilum, Natural History and Cultivation, Volume 2

The Evolution of a Great Literature Natural History of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures

The Natural History of the Farm: A Guide to the Practical Study of the Sources of Our Living in Wild Nature

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The first step is to admit that the solution is not to limit the market and private property by direct interventions of the State and state ownership. The domain of State itself is also in its own way "private": private in the precise Kantian sense of the "private use of Reason" in State administrative and ideological apparatuses: The public use of one's reason must always be free, and it alone can bring about enlightenment among men Polynesian Researches, during a residence of nearly six years in the South Sea Islands ; including descriptions of the natural history and Scenery remarks on the History [.] mythology, traditions, government, arts, manners and customs of the in Polynesian Researches, during a. Yet, in the degree to which a system is integrated, events at the boundary are transmitted directly to the key unit, from which they are communicated to ancillary units; it is always at the boundary that one system begins its absorption of another , e.g. North American Freshwater Mussels: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation North American Freshwater Mussels:. Some desertification is natural, but most is from erosion, climate change (global warming), or overgrazing. Detritivore: an organism that eats detritus. Dew Point: the temperature at which water vapor from a saturated air mass turns into liquid. Below freezing, called a frost point. Diagenesis: changes to sediment or fossils after burial , e.g. Excursions Now I would like to present a few thoughts on our objectives with the intent, hopefully, of setting themood of Ae workshop. My statements will not necessarily be wito^ perhaps they will help to stimulate some discussion ova the next two days. Let me say first of all that this workshop means a lot to ine. Like many people in this room no doubt, I was intrigued by nature as a child, particularly birds , e.g. The Living Isles, A Natural History of Britain and Ireland download here. Cities expand over agricultural lands and natural areas; and even where they do not displace agricultural or natural ecosystems, excessive demands for the products of those ecosystems can lead to overexploitation and degradation. Cities also expand indirectly at the expense of natural ecosystems because displacement of agricultural ecosystems and increasing demands for agricultural products can stimulate agricultural expansion far from the city, displacing natural ecosystems there On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears Deep ecology claims we need a wider identification with nature. Now, why would we even hope for such a transformation? To hope for it means to believe in the possibility of human evolution, and that, I think, is where deep ecology comes into connection with the Enlightenment and with social ecology The Natural History of Our read online After all, there seem to be plenty of people out there who have no affection for the biotic community whatsoever download. What are ways that your local and national community leaders (business, government, etc.) seem to function with wishful thinking concerning demands that the community or nation can safely place on ecosystems? How do their attitudes and actions compare with the Precautionary Principle , source: Contributions to the natural download pdf download pdf? The role of social complexity in the growth and decline of cities can be seen in past civilizations, such as those in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece, as well as Mayan and Pueblo Indian civilizations of the Western Hemisphere. These civilizations experienced cycles of growth and decline that extended over centuries THE NATURAL HISTORY OF BRITAIN read epub

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