The Perfect Tuscan Ragu - Show 305
  • Minced pork meat 100g
  • Minced beef meat 100g
  • Half an onion /half a celery stick/ half a carrot
  • Butter 30g/ Olive oil 30g
  • Salt
  • Triple concentrate tomato sauce 20g
  • Half a glass of white wine
  1. Mince the vegetables and brown with oil and butter , add the meat, let evaporate with wine , add the triple concentrate and salt, if necessary add a small quantity of hot water , simmer for 60 minutes minimum with low heat.
  2. Line a bowl with cooked ham , add a spoon of hot ragù sauce , cover with the rice which has been just cooked and turn upside down .
  3. If desired , another spoon of ragù may be added on top of the dome of the bowl.
Recipe by Eat Drink Italy with Vic Rallo at