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Pizza Dough Basics – Show 309
  • Skura
  • 1kg skura
  • 650 water
  • 25 gr of fine sea salt
  • 5gr of fresh yeast
  • 30 gr of olive OIL
Procede with mixer Hobart
  1. Put water (room temp) into the mixer Than melt the fresh yeast
  2. Add slowly the flour (90%) and start mixing (1st speed) after 3 minute add the salt.
  3. Than keep mixing for 4 minute more
  4. Than 2 minutes in 2nd speed and during last minute add the oil mix until the basket is clean. Take off fold a couple of time Than relax for 15 minutes after that put in bowl well oiled and let relax for one hour covered with plastic film. Fold one more time and  refrigerated over night , take it òut warm up for  one hour form ballo and let it proof for 3 hours outside or put in the fridge for 5 hours Than use after warm up

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